Posted by: sunnyharvy | June 30, 2015

Walmart – Where America Camps

We have camped at Walmart a few times, but that didn’t prepare us for the scene we found at the store in Whitehorse, Yukon. Folks staying there represented many walks of life, several states, and a few foreign countries. It felt a bit like a circus!


This is just one row of overnight “guests,” there were four more.


Think this guy has been here for a while?


Or this guy? Where’s his tow vehicle?


Here’s another nice one.


Here’s one at the other end of the spectrum. Gotta love the guy walking his dog by skate boarding too.


Vintage, but not in a good way. Note the bucket under his leaky sewer pipe.


And I thought campers road on the back of pick-up trucks.


No idea why this guy needs to tow a travel trailer behind his maxi-rig.


This Smart car housed a woman and her three dogs. I’m not kidding. Note the long horse trailer and Airstream trailer in the background too. The variety was amazing!


These German cuties are traveling around North America for four months. Not exactly sure how they all slept inside that mini-van, but they were in good spirits around their breakfast table the next morning.

While it would have been extremely entertaining to spend a week in the Walmart parking lot, we did manage to get out to see some of the area attractions. The most interesting being the Yukon Beringia Interpretive Center. This museum explains the ancient place called Beringia, that lay between two continents on the edge of the Arctic. It was a land of ice, giant mammals and the First People of North America.


Mammoth skeleton



Giant Bison


Al learned how to use a dart launcher. Did a pretty good job too. right after he chucked this one a real red fox came out from the brush.



This DC-3 in front of The Yukon Transportation Museum is actually a working weather vane.


Before heading out we took a short hike at Miles Canyon.



I included this poster just because I like it.


  1. Holy mammoth horns! I guess Walmart likes the customers in the lot!

  2. Love the skeletons! And Al with the dart launcher 😉

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