Posted by: sunnyharvy | September 6, 2015

On and on and on and on…

The incredible mountain views and fall foliage didn’t quit when we completed the drive down the Richardson Highway (see last post). They seem to go on and on as we continue our long drive back to the Lower 48.


Lunch view of Mt. Sanford and neighbors along Tok Cutoff, Alaska Highway 1.


Who says New England is the only place with beautiful fall foliage?


More roadwork. Something else that goes on and on.


Cut it a little close on this fill up. Something we’ve never done before.


I love the artwork on this display board at the Tetlin National Wildlife Refuge. The original was hand-painted to show the many ways both man and wildlife have traveled this passage over time.


Beautiful log cabin visitor center.


View from visitor center. Panoramic – click to see larger.


Spent a quiet night at Snag Junction Campground along the shore of yet another lake.


This Grizzly was foraging right alongside the Alaskan Highway.


Looks cuddly, doesn’t he?



More mountains ahead.


Checking out one of the informative and scenic pullouts.



Can’t stop taking photographs even though they don’t begin to capture the true beauty of this magnificent country.



Can’t begin to guess how many times we uttered “WOW” over the past few days.


World’s largest gold pan.

Surprising how many tiny towns think that having the world’s largest anything will help stop the tourists. I guess it kind of works, although we didn’t spend any money in Burwash Landing. The only thing open, as far as we could tell, was a small historical museum and we’ve had our fill of those.


Back at the same campsite on Kluane Lake that we stayed in two months ago on our way up.

We are currently in Whitehorse, Yukon Territory where we visited nearby hot springs yesterday. Today we are replenishing provisions, fuel, etc. plus getting caught up on emails and blog posts. In Canada we have to rely on public Wi-Fi as our personal hotspot doesn’t work here.

In a few days we will be traveling along the Cassiar Highway in totally new territory looking for new adventures! Stay tuned.


  1. What amazing landscapes and gorgeous photos. Difficult to imagine the cold weather. And being on the road for nearly 2 years. Thanks from your armchair traveler friend…………

  2. That snow covered mountain with the road in the foreground is so spectacular. I can see why you said “wow” a few times. We live in a beautiful country.

  3. Great photos LAL. Could you tell what the bear was eating? Some kind of tender plants? Berries?

    • Not berries at that point, Karen. He pulled some sort of small plant out by the roots.

  4. Wow, what a place! You’re giving us itchy feet. Can’t help noticing there’s no traffic on the highway. Careful timing when you shoot or are you about the only folks out there right now?

    • Definitely not the only ones on the road, Keith, but the RVs have defining thinned out, especially the really big ones.

  5. Not the only folks around, but the RVs have definitely thinned out a bit.

  6. Love the photo 3 from the bottom. Any chance you could email me a full res. version? I think I photographed the same exact bear Along the highway!

  7. Wow indeed! And I think that first bear photo is an award winner. Wow-wow…

  8. Yep – that third photo from the bottom (beautiful mountain with road in the foreground) is a real winner and a great memory to take away from this part of your journey. Thanks for sharing! – Mike and Cheryl

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