Posted by: sunnyharvy | September 17, 2015

Southbound on the Cassiar Highway

Our southerly journey continues on the Alaskan Highway for a bit after Whitehorse, Yukon as we head towards the Cassiar Highway to enter new territory.


At Marsh Lake we enjoyed dinner fireside.


And this view from our camp site.


At Big Creek Campground we came across this go anywhere vehicle with extendable top section.

The Cassiar Highway, the newest in Alaska, was completed in 1972. It is asphalt-surfaced with the exception of a few short gravel breaks. The highway is generally narrow and winding. There are no passing lanes and the center line is missing along most of the northern half of the 450-mile stretch. The highway offers outstanding scenery and good wildlife viewing, as evidenced by the moose in the road ten minutes after we entered. No time to grab the camera though, sorry.


We stopped at Boya Lake for lunch. It was so beautiful we decided to spend the afternoon and eventually to stay overnight. Just couldn’t bring ourselves to leave.


The foliage was glowing!


After lunch we took a nice hike.





We were happy not to run into the big bear who left this pile on the trail.


Soaking in a bit of sunshine, which has been hard to come by recently.


This sweet fox greeted us at the Lion’s Club Campground near Dease Lake.


Another great lakeside campsite on Lake Kinasken.



And yet another hike. This one with a few water hazards along the way.


This is our campsite view on Meziadin Lake. Minnesota claims to be the Land of 1,000 Lakes, but there seems to be one around every corner in British Columbia.


  1. Wow, beautiful photographs. But the yellow fall color especially captured my attention.

  2. I just realized that I can make comments after reading and looking at your offerings! duh! You are sooo living the dream… rich!

    • Which Karen is this?

  3. Wow – that fox photo is another award winner! Looks like fall is with you. Enjoying warm weather here in beautiful Sedona!

  4. what beautiful lakes! that bear sure ate a lot of berries

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