Posted by: sunnyharvy | September 17, 2015

Side Trip to Stewart and Hyder

We took a short detour to visit the extremely small towns of Stewart, BC and Hyder, AK. The drive along the Glacier Highway was quite spectacular, even with low clouds obscuring the highest mountain peaks.


On our way in we only saw the very end of the toe of Bear Glacier.


The next day a bit more was exposed, but still not much. It was an incredible color of blue though.


Downtown Stewart including our lunch spot on the left. Run by an extremely helpful and friendly lady who bakes several types of delicious bread every day. Unfortunately, not much else was open this late in the season.


Hyder is known for viewing Grizzly Bears from platforms along Fish Creek.



Great set-up, bad timing.


Some folks mentioned seeing a couple of bears the previous day. We only saw seagulls picking at dead salmon…ugh.


Nice scenery though.


Defunct grocery store in Hyder, the “World’s Friendliest Ghost Town.” Everything was shut on September 14th.


Top end of the 90-mile long fjord leading into Hyder and Stewart from the sea.


Another thriving business in Hyder… not!


Could there possibly be a nice FREE campground down this muddy road? Al was willing to give it a go!


We were rewarded with a private overnight stay at beautiful Clements Lake.




  1. That last photo is another award winner – me thinks. But then – there are so many. So glad you are sharing your journey with us through your magnificent blog. Glad you haven’t gotten up close to any grizzlies.

  2. Breathtaking shots at the end—Clements Lake—beautiful reflections of mountains and sky. What are the high & low temps now?

  3. the reflections in the water are amazing!!

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