Posted by: sunnyharvy | March 16, 2016

Okains Bay on Banks Peninsula

It’s a scenic but narrow and winding road across the Banks Peninsula to Okains BaySettled in the 1840’s by whalers, farmers and timber-millers this peaceful valley still has many early cottages, historic homesteads and public buildings.




We spent a couple of hours touring the Okains Bay Maori & Colonial Museum that houses many historic remnants of Okains Bay and the Banks Peninsula region including an extensive collection of Maori artifacts.


Figurehead on the bow of a traditional ocean going 3-ton waka that is still paddled.


This Whaakata (Meeting House) was built observing all Maori traditions and tapu, using original materials from other meeting houses.


The boathouse holds an extensive collection of antique hand carved vessels including smaller waka called waka-titi, which were used for fishing and eeling.


Mellinium Bridge over Okains River.


Sheep on hill overlooking the bay.


Early morning walk on the beach.

1 - Okains Bay -ALL2



Time to get up!


Last view of Akaroa Harbour as we depart the beautiful Banks Peninsula.


  1. What a great overview of the area. I can really get a sense of its beauty and a hint of its history. Glad to be travelling NZ through your eyes

  2. Looks so peaceful. Are the people as nice as we hear they are – like stuck in the 50’s?

    • Yes, it is absolutely true Leslie. Don’t ask a local any questions unless you have at least ten minutes to listen to the answer!

  3. Nice….I like the historic buildings.

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