Posted by: sunnyharvy | March 16, 2016

Southern Lakes Region

South Island is loaded with farmland. Feels like it goes on and on. We have already driven on many lovely meandering back roads through fields of crops and around hills full of sheep and cows. We’ve both gotten more comfortable with driving on the left side of the road, so travel has become more relaxing. From the Banks Peninsula we headed down the coast and then inland to see the southern lakes region.


Unique accommodations in Little River.



The salmon capital of New Zealand.


Camping on bluff over the Pacific Ocean at Hakatere where a wild northwester turned into gusty southeasterly winds overnight.


The Ashburton River trying to reach the sea at Hakatere.


The coastal town of Timaru can’t seem to decide whether to embrace or replace its heritage.


Never seen one of these in America. It’s a playground swing for kids in wheelchairs.


We spent an afternoon in the hot spring pools overlooking Lake Tekapo.




This is Graeme, the caretaker at the campground on tiny Lake McGregor. He very kindly made sure we had a lovely private site next to the stream, away from the “kids.” He also shared his knowledge and love for the area.


Our view from campsite.


The last lupine blossom of what must have been thousands earlier this year.


Sunrise at Lake McGregor.


Nearly Lake Alexandrina, which we walked to.



Typical Kiwi Caravan Camp. Love the canvas enclosures.


The road to the summit of Mt. John with Lake Tekapo in background.




You can’t capture the 360-degree view from the summit with a camera.

2 - Mt John -L4

Even with a panoramic. This one shows less than half the view. Click to view larger.

As you can see, there is quite an extensive observatory set-up here. It is a recognized International Dark Sky Reserve. The night skies have been absolutely amazing. I don’t believe I’ve ever seen the Milky Way so bright across the entire sky! We’ve been lucky so far in that the moon has been minimal. Sorry I’m not a good enough photographer to capture and share the brilliance.


  1. wow! wow! wow! The photo with the boat is amazing. And hot springs!

  2. It all looks so serene! Wow – that sunrise photo is another award winner. Thank you again for sharing your adventure and talents! Awesome.

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